Sunday 28 January 2018

Numbers Growing! 25/1/18

Yes, quite a few more members coming back from extended holidays and grandma duties. By next week we should be back to normal strength!
Susan D was on the job chasing members to finalise the kitchen duty roster for the year. Not too many gaps, but make sure to check if you’ve filled it in. Remember to fill in the dates and the second quick-check column for having done so. Thanks Susan.

Kerry has sent out the email regarding the AGM, which will be Thursday, 15th February at 12pm.
Thanks Kerry.

The next Show Meeting will be held on Thursday, 22nd February at 9.30am in the Baby Health Centre room as always. Thanks Meg.

Only one quilt top for display at Show and Tell time this week, but I’ve included a few ‘around the room’ shots as well.

Moina showed us a completed quilt top which she has called her ‘Hexigon Baltimore’. A very appropriate name and a gorgeous design Moina. Very tiny pieces indicate the delicacy of the work, and the overall effect is wonderful. Moina intends to have it quilted and ready in time for the show.

Around The Room

Here is work being done on one of the many community quilts being completed each week.

Here’s a very cute block of a triple-decker ice-ream cone, designed by Susie, and destined for a position in a quilt for the show I believe! Cant wait to see the rest of the quilt. Go Susie!

This is the makings of a Wagga Sensory Mat being designed by Doreen and Gil (of course). It will be a very different look in the show display indeed! Looking amazing.

Well, believe it or not that’s all for January! See you next week in February everyone.
Enjoy your weekend and the cooler weather soon to come.
Cheers, Elva

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