Sunday 12 March 2017


Thanks everyone for the warm welcome back. It was great to see you all and enjoy HHQ once again.

Thanks to Judy and Iris for keeping the formal part of our gatherings going while I was absent. Everything was obviously in good hands.
Iris has also updated the HHQ history folder, which is a job she does amazingly well. Please help yourself to a browse through it some time, whether you're a new member or an old-timer! It's a fabulous source of information. Thanks Iris.

We seem to have completely exhausted the cupboards' store of quilting pins, so from now on people will need to organise to bring their own. Groups can liaise with each other when they're planning to pin a quilt at the hall. If anyone realises that they have a bunch of pins at home which probably should be in the cupboard, feel free to bring them in and add them to the other stores! Cheers.

If any folk are on the current executive or were previously on it, some of you must have one of the 'key' cards that open the front doors. If you have no need to keep it, it might be as well to give it back to me so that I can make sure everyone on the kitchen roster has one for their duty day.
Also, if anyone has a set of kitchen and cupboard keys, could you please hand them in as we seem to be down on those as well. Cheers.

Robyn J is now asking for volunteers for the quilting of the Traditional Raffle Quilt. Please give her your name and she will add it to the list. She tells us it's very 'doable' quilting and she will start it off as a guide.


Plenty to share this week!
Maree G started us off with this colourful quilt, which she said has a furry backing, and therefore didn't need any batting. 


The next is an unfinished work by our new member Christie. It is a Wendy Williams design, and Christie's very fine stitching skills are stunning indeed! You really need to see it close up!
Can't wait to see the finished quilt!


Iris showed a quilt she has put together for the community collection. Very nicely done Iris!


She even used some exsisting blocks for the back!


Iris then showed a scrappy quilt she has finally finished after beginning it in around 2007!
She declared she didn't like it very much, but I must say the rest of us did! She likes the back better because of the satisfying look of the quilting. Yes, it comes out very well indeed.



Grace showed the Contemporary Raffle Quilt so far. There are a few more rows to be added, but it's coming along nicely. No more blocks required, but perhaps Grace will put out a call for a few small circles to use over it here and there. Great work everyone!


And finally Sheila showed us this star quilt which has come up very well. Nice variety of fabrics!


So there you have it. March marches on!
See you next Thursday.
Cheers, Elva

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