Saturday 18 March 2017


We were a busy and happy group yet again this week. A few people travelling, but plenty of friends to enjoy the day.


Plent of lovely work to show on Thursday. This baby quilt was done by none other than Lindy! She really has become the Baby Quilt Queen! She says it's helping to use up lots of her fabric, and is a perfect project for taking to the farm. Whatever the reason, she can certainly keep them coming and they always demonstrate her fabulous use of colour! Below you see the front and back of today's project.
Well done Lindy!

Helena showed us a sample from a Rachael Daisy course she is doing at MO. Many girls were fascinated in the technique and asked if we could do an in-house workshop on it. 
A show of hands revealed that there would be enough interested parties to make it worthwhile asking Rachael if she herself would do it. Helena will follow up on this.
Isn't it gorgeous?!

Ros showed us yet another stunning star design, this time for her sister-in-law. We all well remember the gorgeous one Ros was doing at the last retreat! Outstanding work!

Iris showed us three quilts which have been completed for the community collection. This one below was done by Laurel and is called "Orange Blossom" . Beautiful fabric choices Laurel, making it a gorgeous quilt.

Next was one done by Jenny entitled "No Sydney" because the blocks used on the back include many cities around the world except our own!

Last from the community group is another Jenny one called "Sue's Braid". Some lovely appliqué and very nicely quilted.

And finally Robyn S showed us a quilt she has made for her third great grandson! It is a delightful collection of fabrics including plenty of animals prints to fascinate a little one. Gorgeous Robyn.

So another productive week and plenty of fun and laughs as well.
See you in a week's time.
Cheers, Elva

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