Sunday 12 February 2017


We sweated away valiantly in the hall this week, with the air-conditioners not really cooperating at full strength!

Robyn J was delighted that all the Traditional Quilt blocks are now in and that the overall quality of the work was so high! Well done girls! Now all that's needed is layout, piecing and finally the big quilting job. The style of the quilting is still being debated. Let us know if you have any ideas. Needs to be of traditional style, while at the same time being manageable for members. Great if lots of girls can participate. Thanks Robyn for all your preparatory work. It was an amazing effort!

Remember that the September retreat this year will be the weekend of September 15, 16 and 17.

Remember also that next Thursday February 16th will be our AGM, starting at 12pm. Normal start for quilting, and then we'll pause to hold the AGM. Hope to see a good turn out!

Iris showed a beautiful Wagga which has been chosen for donation to the CWA. It was made by Jess and will be handed over to Barbara Ward this weekend.

At Show and Tell this week we had a baby quilt from Jenny S and five baby quilts from Susan Hartigan.
A lovely scrappy quilt top from Maree Kennedy.

(Owing to wi fi technical difficulties, I haven't been able to include the pictures from this week's meeting. Sorry! I'll include them next week assuming I get this thing sorted!$@###?!!!!

Cheers till we meet next week.

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