Saturday 25 February 2017

Another productive Thursday

As Elva enjoys her scenic holiday around New Zealand,  new vice president, Judy organised the weekly news and Iris here on blog.

A couple of reminders:

  • Membership fees are due:  see treasurer, Grace. 
  • Any unfinished blocks for the contemporary 2018 raffle quilt must be in next week, also to Grace:  this is how it looks so far:

Helena demonstrated 'Extreme Knitting'  ...   needles were huge, 15 cms in diameter and the blanket she knitted weighed 5 Kilos  (Helena, if I've got those measurements wrong - let me know)

Show and Tell  ... lots !

Jenny was on a roll with two finished tops, both for community:  working on her UFOs.  This one had many of Vi's blue fabrics.

And this one was based around the pink  'braid' make by Sue Robuck :  both lovely memories of old friends.

I also had a finished top which was made from an UFO donated to the 'cupboard'  ...  all the triangles were already cut - I just had to put them together.   The purple fabric was the left over from our 2008 raffle quilts - no scrap goes unused.

And a finished quilt for the community stash from Doreen and Gil:  it was shown last week, but only photographed (very badly, sorry) on Thursday.    This was also a UFO from a friend which became Gil's challenge.    Heather was responsible for the free motion quilting.  The quilt came with a matching bag by Gil.   I think it should be called 'Orangeade' ?

They are still coming  ...     The first of Adrienne's three quilts is finished: worked on by many members.   It is beautiful and will be donated to a very worthy charity after Adrienne has seen it.

And finally  ...   five more cot quilts:  some from June and Beryl R and, I'm sorry,  my notes have let me down.

A very productive day.    Enjoy a good stitching week  ..  Iris

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