Friday 20 May 2016

Sewing and other stuff

Thursday was a busy day with photo shoots and visitors.

The tables and chairs and sewing activity were totally disrupted by the biennial photo shoot for the quilt show.   Like the results ?

Many thanks to our shoot director, Kerry for getting the the spelling right and 'flags' all in line!

Other shots taken on the day were:

Not nearly as much fun,  but good to have.   Watch for the updates on Facebook

Our visitor was  Laine from the Westmead Children's Hospital Palliative Care Volunteer Program. We have supported the work of these caring volunteers for a few years, now.   This year we gave Laine two quilts:  'Holly Hobby' by Jenny for a little girl with too many health problems and 'Glow',  a quilt also by Jenny which will be part of a raffle to raise funds for the Volunteer Program.

When it came to 'News ' time, there was no serious administrative news.  Obviously we need Elva to keep us on track.  Elva went home early to take care of a sore back.   However we did have 'Show and tell'.

3 new cot quilts to add to the 'Grace Center' stash:   two from Haley and one from Narelle.

Susan D. showed us this super quilt which is just about finished - I think Susan was sewing on the binding. 

Meanwhile until next Thursday and retreat weekend, have a happy sewing week,  Cheers Iris

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