Monday 2 May 2016


Well, there's another month of the year gone! Only 3 and a bit months to go before our show.
Nevertheless, we had a very successful show meeting before quilt group last Thursday morning, and everything is well on track. Many thanks to all the committee members who are working away to put on another great event.

Next Thursday will be the grand viewing of the Show Baby Quilts Challenge! Can't wait to see them all together. Each member will fill in a voting slip once all the quilts are up, and we will choose a first, second and third from the final numbers. Exciting!


Just a few bits and pieces this week. Iris showed progress on one of Adrienne's quilts which have been donated to us for finishing. Absolutely beautiful work, I'm sure you'll agree. Those who have worked on it include Grace, Iris, Robyn J, Akiko, Josie, Lyn, Sue D, Sheila, Judy D, and Beryl B.
Wonderful work girls.



Sheila showed a Stack 'n Whack quilt she has been working on. Very vibrant and stunning!


Around the room I spied what I think is yet another Wagga emerging. This one looks very colourful and interesting indeed. Can't wait to see the finished product!



And finally, the latest group of baby quilts ready to go to the Grace Centre - just in time for Mothers' Day! A very colourful and excellent pile, and we were told that Robyn and Iris will be handing over 50 quilts on Monday! Wow.


That's all for now everyone. Look forward to see you Thursday. Big day! Be there.....

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