Monday 14 September 2015

SEPTEMBER 10th 2015

Hi all. Not a great deal of news to talk about this week, and a very small Show & Tell. Nevertheless, every Thursday get-together is fun.

Just a reminder that next Thursday, 17th is the deadline for contributions towards the Lord Mayor's Picnic Quilt. Hand any remaining ones to Iris so the serious designing can begin. Those that have come in already are very impressive indeed, and it will be fun playing around with the layout. It looks like yet another stunning result for this yearly endeavour!

Thanks to Heather who has donated a set of various sized hexagon plastic templates which came from an elderly lady's quilting room clear-out. They have been placed in the equipment cupboard for general use. Help yourself.

Joy now has only one date in October which is not covered for kitchen duty. I think it's the 18th, but check the dates on the cupboard list to be sure. 

Our 33rd birthday will be celebrated at a party on Thursday, 24th September. Bring a glass and your "Jess lucky dip challenge" item if you did one and still have it! Some people are still working on theirs to add to the mix. Should be fun.
In addition to that, there will be an 'unveiling' of the final version of the Contemporary Quilt. Judy has asked if people can give some thought to a name for the quilt, and we can make that decision at the party. Start having a think.

That's pretty much all of the news. Now for just two items of Show & Tell. It was such a HUGE collection last time that we must have exhausted the supply!

This little baby quilt was made and donated by Barbara Ward, a friend of the group and one of the CWA ladies who comes now and then to collect donated quilts. Thanks Barb! It's really cute.


The final one is a quilt top done by Joy from a Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt challenge through "Quiltville". A lot of work Joy, and quite stunning. Can't wait to see the final product.


So there you have it for another week. Look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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