Thursday 16 March 2023

16th March

 Hi Everyone,

We were grateful for the air conditioned hall at quilting today.

Sue D has been able to put us in contact with a Women’s Refuge in Taree who are happy to receive our community quilts made by our members. Hunters Hill Quilters today donated 9 quilts and 8 cot quilts so they can be given to women and children who require new living arrangements. Thank you Sue for taking care of the delivery for us.

Marie K showed her quilt top she made from material her son had purchased from a recent visit to Japan. The backing was just as impressive as the quilt top making it reversible, two quilts in one!

Christie presented her completed weekly baby quilt with a cute Koala print backing material.

🤔 Reminder about fees please pay before the end of the month.

Show & Tell

Japanese material quilt by Marie K 

Baby quilt made by Christie

Until next week.

Happy quilting, Sandy

Thursday 9 March 2023

9th March

Hi Everyone,

A productive day at quilting with our members working on projects of their own. 

Congratulations to Robyn J and her friend Beverly for their outstanding contribution on making bags for Days for Girls. Since starting their journey with Days for Girls they have made 7500 bags, well done ladies.

💰Reminder that Membership Fees are now due. They can be paid directly to Akiko or you can EFT your payment.💰

Show & Tell

3 baby quilts from Alison

2 baby quilts from Christie

Until next week.

Happy quilting, Sandy

Thursday 2 March 2023

Community Day

 Hi Everyone,

Firstly I would like to express my thanks to Judy for her amazing Presidency over the past 5 years. My transition into the role has been a smooth one owing to Judy’s time and detailed notes she provided. I would also like to thank Ros and Akiko who have willingly accepted to continue in their roles as Secretary and Treasurer. To the Committee and HHQ members thank you for your encouragement and support.

Today was a busy one with community quilts being stitched. Our Christmas Challenge was up on the design wall under the supervision of Iris and we look forward to its progress over the coming months.

A reminder that Membership Fees are now due. They can be paid directly to Akiko or you can EFT your payment.

Show & Tell

Sue S completed this quilt for her grandson.

Alison completed a scrap baby quilt
Until next week.
Happy quilting, Sandy

Sunday 26 February 2023

23 February, 2023

 Hi Everyone,

We have had our AGM and we now have a new President! Sandy will do an outstanding job.

I have enjoyed the last 5 years with all its challenges. It has certainly been a most unusual time for us all but we seem to have come through pretty well. 

This will be my last Blog. Having to prepare it every week can become a chore but it is a good place to showcase our work.

Alison takes care of our Instagram posts and Iris looks after Facebook. It all works well.

Many of you make a special effort to attend the AGM. It was wonderful to see so many there. Laurel and Kathy were there. Unfortunately Beryl R. has had a fall and is quite unwell. Also we miss Carolyn who has been in hospital and also Marie G. who is also also unwell.

We hope to see them again very soon.

I was overwhelmed with my beautiful quilt given as a parting gift from you all. I just love it. Even Ian was amazed by it. Thank you all very much. It will be treasured.

Show and Tell:

Quilt from Marie K.  Robyn Jnst will take this one to her charity.

Two baby quilts from Alison.

Baby quilt from Christie. Christie has set herself the challenge of making a baby quilt a week.

Baby quilts from  Sue D.

Sandy will be with you next week ......


Sunday 19 February 2023

16 February 2023

 Hi Everyone,

We had a good roll up this week. The top table was absent again however. We miss them. Also Carolyn is not well. 

We did however have a surprise visit from Felicity. She looked well and enjoyed seeing everyone again.

Grace was busy collecting bits and pieces for her two "Wagga Show and Tell" talks later in the year.

Both Sue D and Laurel are planning on coming next week for the AGM. We look forward to seeing them.

Show and Tell:

Three quilts from Lindy this week.

A baby quilt from Jane.

A baby quilt from Sheila.

A baby quilt from Christie.

Until next week .....

Sunday 12 February 2023

February 9

 Hi Everyone,

Not much in the way of news to report this week.

Helena arrived with boxes of leftover scraps and bits and pieces for us all to share. Alison collected many small pieces in preparation for the 2024 Show Quilts. 

Helena will be away for a while but assures us that she will be back. We look forward to that.

The number one table has been vacant for the last two or three weeks. Iris has been busy with relatives from overseas. We miss them. Hopefully they will be present for the AGM on the 23rd.

Many of us look forward to our Thursdays. Our discussions vary widely and are always enjoyable.

Show and Tell:

Two baby quilts from Sheila.

Baby quilt from Jane.

Baby quilt from Christie with her signature stitching.

Four Baby quilts from Alison and her friend.

Ukraine quilt from Marie K.

Pretty quilt from Marie K.

Until next week .....

Friday 3 February 2023

Community Day

 Hi Everyone,

We had a lively and busy Community Day this week. The orange group starred again! No sooner had they put their pieces up on the design wall when suddenly the quilt was sewn together. Must be some sort of a record. I have a feeling that Christie had a lot to do with that. 

I look forward to seeing their new project next Community day.

Heather asked me to pass on news about Eastwood Quilters.

The group is having a Show and Tell evening on 22 March for a 7.30 start.

West Ryde Anglican Church.
14 Bellevue Avenue
West Ryde

Bring finished quilts and tops to show.

Light supper to follow and a lucky door prize.

RSVP by 15 March. to

* Bringing a mug will save on washing up.

Show and Tell:

Baby quilt from Alison and her friend.

Baby quilt from Christie with her pretty stitching.

The border of Heather's amazing quilt first then the whole quilt. All hand pieced. Heather will quilt it.
It has taken her 13 months so far.

Until next week ......