Saturday 15 February 2020

Homeless for another week

Hullo Everyone,

We are still in the Scout Hall - our fourth week. I have heard from Council. They cannot give me a date for our return to Fairland hall.
Unfortunately the volume of damage to the Child Care Centre is more extensive than previously thought which is most disappointing.
However we are making the best of the Scout Hall.
We do miss our cupboards and the members who do not find it easy to come to the venue.

We have however made the meetings fun and our usual camaraderie is ever present.

A special thank you to Suzie. Every week Suzie carries the tea and coffee bits and pieces to the hall for our morning tea.We appreciate this very much.

Contemporary Raffle Quilt:

Iris surprised us with the contemporary raffle quilt this week. Iris had spent the last very rainy weekend mostly on her hands and knees, putting the blocks together. An amazing effort.
I must say the quilt looks fantastic. I am sure we will be selling many raffle tickets as so many people would love to win the quilt.
A huge thank you to Iris.

Cheryl's Fabric:

For those of you who remember Cheryl, Elva sent me news from Cheryl's daughter.
She donated a pile of Cheryl's fabric to a sewing bee making pouches fro wildlife injured in the bushfires.
They were thrilled to get such a donation.
They made 610 pouches and basket pads. They especially liked the bright fabrics as this helps them identify each animal.
Below I have included a photo for you to see.


Important information about our retreat in May.

The dates are 1-3 May 2020.

The venue requires a minimum of 20. Also the cost has risen by $40 this year.

Narelle will be handing out the information soon.

Show and Tell:

Lindy joined us this week with a Baby quilt - lots of little Scottie dogs.

Until next week ....

Friday 7 February 2020

A Day of Surprises

Hi Everyone,

We had a great meeting this week. As the weather was cooler more of our members arrived.
It was a thrill to have Meg back after her long "illness".
Then Laurel arrived! What a treat for us all.

Community Grant:

Akiko surprised me with a letter and cheque from Council. The Community Grant I had applied for last year on our behalf was accepted. We received the full amount of $800 for our wadding purchases.

Unexpected mail:

We also received a lovely letter from a mother who had received one of our Baby Quilts for her son at Westmead.
Her son was born prematurely and was transferred to Prince of Wales Hospital for treatment on his heart.
The letter thanked us for the beautiful quilt she received. She said it brought them a lot of joy in their dark and worried times.
I have replied to her as we were very taken by her plight. It is so good to hear that we were able to contribute a small amount of comfort to the family.

QuiltNSW Events:

Grace mentioned the Friday Showcases that the Guild holds on the first Friday of every month.
They have interesting guests and it makes for an informative morning. You can always have a lunch somewhere afterwards in the city.
 Anna Brown was the guest on Friday 7 February this week.

This year the Guild Show is from 17-21 June. The deadline for anyone wanting to enter a quilt is March 9. Paid up Guild members only can enter a quilt.

Grace also mentioned another exhibition:
"Play it by Ear" exhibition by Sophie and Jane Witter. This is at the Watchhouse, 179 Darling Street, Balmain.
Opening Friday night 5-8 pm 14th to 16th February, 10am to 4pm.

All in all - a great day!

Show and Tell:

A baby quilt from Beryl B. - all handstitched.

4 Baby quilts from Carolyn.  So colourful.

 Laurel made this quilt. Akiko has kindly offered to finish the binding for her.

Laurel made this cot quilt from orphan blocks at our Retreat in September. It will go to Robyn's charity.

Until next week ....

Sunday 2 February 2020

A Cooler Day

Hi Everyone,

The weather was kinder to us this week, although it was still quite warm in the Scout Hall.
22 members gathered. We set the tables up in a long row, which I liked. We normally sit with the same friends each week. With this different arrangement, we get to mix more and chat to members you would not normally speak to. I really enjoyed the morning.

Thank you to Debbie A. and Helena for morning tea. With the heat we don't eat as much so the light morning teas are perfect.

Deadline for the black and white blocks:

Message from Iris to ask that your blocks be in next week. Jenny and Iris put the ones we have received on the design wall this week. I must say they are pretty spectacular. Thank you everyone for contributing so quickly.

Achieve at Balmain:

They are looking to finalise a permanent outlet in Balmain. Many of us visit for woollen fabrics for Waggas and other bits and pieces so this good news.

Community Day Postponed:

As we are betwixt and between at the moment, we will sew as normal next week. Our normal Community Days will resume once we are back in the hall.


Mark in your diaries that the retreat this year is the first weekend in May.

Show and Tell:

 Only a couple of baby quilts this week.

 This one is made with 'Quilt as you go" blocks from Sheila. Sheila has used fabrics designed by Kathy Doughty.

 Jenny has made this very colourful baby quilt using techniques learned during a workshop with Alaskan quilter, Maria Shell.

Until next week ....

Sunday 26 January 2020

Our Temporary Move

Hi Everyone,

You are all aware of our temporary move to the Scout Hall. The council is quoting a time of three weeks before we can get back to Fairland Hall. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

It is difficult for many of you to come to the Scout Hall. It does not have airconditioning which is unpleasant in the hot weather we are experiencing,
Elva's group has decided to meet together at her house for a morning of stitching. This is a good idea for those members who cannot easily get to the hall.

22  brave members gathered this week. We had three fans between us but the 40 degree heat saw us all beginning to wilt so we called it a day just after 1pm.
We did make the best of the morning and as always, it was good to catch up for a stitch and chat.

Wadding: Grace has taken the wadding to her house. If you need any, please contact Grace and she will cut it and bring it for you.
Also Jenny has the baby quilt wadding.

We received more of the black and white blocks.  Keep them coming!
Olga brought her finished Wagga and we had a number of baby quilts for Show and Tell.

Good news from Meg. She is on the road to recovery, is getting stronger every day and her pain has gone.

Show and Tell:

Olga's finished Wagga ready for the show.

Two baby quilts from Carolyn

Two Baby quilts from Sheila

Another one from Carolyn

Until next week .....

Friday 17 January 2020

A New Year

Hullo everyone,

Welcome back to our quilting year. As it is our Show Year, we expect to be very busy.

It was wonderful to see so many of you this week. We all had lots of news to catch up on, what we did over the break and various stories to share.

Unfortunately Meg is unable to join us for a while as she is still suffering from her pelvic fracture. We send our best wishes, Meg. We miss you.

Kathy was able to join us this week, which is always a pleasure,.
Kathy has totally reorganised her shop, Material Obsession. Haberdashery items are easier to find. Fabrics are all together along the walls, etc. I am excited to go see it. The photos look great.
If you are over that way, do call in and have a look. I am sure you will find something you can't live without.

Our Contemporary Show Raffle Quilt:

Unfortunately we have had a copyright issue with 4 of the blocks we used in our Contemporary quilt we expected to raffle for our show this year.
We have decided to not show it but instead we will fast track the Christmas Challenge quilt to replace it.
If you haven't picked up a package from Iris for your block, please do so.
Many of us used the holiday to make the block. Iris put them out on a table for all to see.
I must say they were pretty fantastic. I am always amazed at how innovative and clever our ladies are.
The quilt is going to be spectacular!

Annual General Meeting:

Our AGM will be held on February 13, 2020 at 12 noon. Jenny will be emailing the Agenda to everyone in the next few days.

Show and Tell:

A baby quilt from June. My favourite Sunbonnet Sue block.

Pretty baby quilt from Beryl R. with a peacock in the centre.

A wonky star with ready-made owl panel baby quilt from Jenny.

This beautiful bag has been made by Susan H. The embroidery on it is amazing. I have photographed the side with the silk embroidery. This will be Susan's work bag for meetings. It is almost too lovely to use.

Community quilt from Jenny. Jenny has used a Holly Hunter Chunky Churn Dash pattern.

One of our "Orphan" quilts for Charity. Quilted by Iris.

Wagga from Susan H. ready for our show in August.

Until next week .....

Sunday 15 December 2019

Happy Holidays

Hi Everyone,

As we reach the end of our quilting year, I would like to wish you all a happy and safe holiday period over the Christmas break.
I look forward to seeing you all in January. We restart on 16 January.

Our Christmas party was a lot of fun. We had lots of delicious food to eat. The table was decorated with beautiful flowers from Grace's garden. Due to popular demand, we played 'June's game' again.
Every year, June says 'this is the last time', but nobody seems to listen!
There was lots of laughter as we competed for the prizes by rushing forward if, for example, we were the tallest member, or the smallest member and even did anyone have a tattoo!

Meg and Christie unfortunately were unable to join us and Doreen was not well enough. We were pleased with a surprise visit from Betty, a former member, and Margaret came from the north coast.

Christmas Challenge:

Iris has made up the kits for our Christmas Challenge which is also the 2020 Quilt Show Challenge.
Kits will be available in January for those who missed out.

Design: A favourite block using black and white fabrics - patterned or plain - with the inclusion of a small 'dash' of the enclosed coloured fabric.

Rule:  avoid creamy white or grey black.

Block Size: Choose 4", 6", 8", or 10" finished size.

Due: 6 March 2020 (first Thursday in March)

A group of happy quilters.

The beautiful Christmas flowers.

Until next year .....

Saturday 7 December 2019

Lots of Baby Quilts

Hullo Everyone,

Christmas Party next week. Bring a glass and a small plate of food to share. You are welcome to arrive at the usual time or come at 11 or 11:30.

Return date - 16 January.

Our AGM is held in February.

Lin is home from hospital after her hip operation which went well.

"Housekeeping" reminders:

* Donations of wool, fabric, cottons etc. are welcome.
These items should be taken for Community use first and foremost - then to be
 shared with everyone.

* Morning teas: Some members are daunted by the thought of bringing morning tea. These don't have to be elaborate. Just biscuits are OK.
Please bring whatever you feel comfortable with. Some of us like to bake, some like to make sandwiches.
It is lovely to try the various goodies but please make it easy for yourselves.
Simple is fine.

* Quilts to Sunshine Homes:

Iris will take 6 quilts to Sunshine Homes this week.  All were displayed during our meeting.

* Robyn has received letters of thanks and a lovely photo from Trundle school. One little boy wrote a special note to Robyn's husband to say that he has always dreamt of having his very own soccer ball. He was thrilled with his gift.

Show and Tell:

Four baby quilts from Carolyn.

Two from Jackie made from Liberty prints. 

One from Sheila.

Three from Sue D.

Until next time .....