Saturday 23 November 2019

A Quiet Day

Hullo Everyone,

A number of members did not attend this week. It may have been due to the poor quality of the air in Sydney from the bush fires. The city was shrouded in smoke.

We did however enjoy a lovely morning tea from Bev and Olga. Olga treated us to a taste of Russian herbal tea which I liked very much. Some herbs are hard for Olga to buy here so it was a special treat for us.

Lin is in hospital at the moment after a hip operation. I have sent a card from us all hoping for a speedy recovery.

The Cherrybrook Quilt show will be held on Friday 29 and Saturday 30 from 9 am to 4 pm. The address is:

Uniting Church Hall
134 New Line Rd

Melinda Smith from Quiltsmith, will have a stall at the show. She is launching her Liberty Fabric Inspiration Packs.

Show and Tell:

A bright and free motion quilted baby quilt from Bev.

A wagga from Susan H. I love the sheep. So warm and cosy on a cold Winter's evening.

A lovely embroidered cushion from Olga.

A wagga from Olga. The birds made by Grace and one by Olga. Beautiful fabrics. When I saw the quilt it made me smile. The birds make it a happy quilt.
Grace, Olga and Sheila tied the quilt together with grey wool.

Until next week .....

Saturday 16 November 2019

Happy Stitching

Hi Everyone,

We had another happy and busy Thursday this week.

Ellen was thrilled that Adrienne's quilt, which is finished, will be going to Adrienne's daughter and  then her grandchildren. It will be a lovely family heirloom.

Kerry showed photos of her brand new granddaughter. Such a happy time.

Suzie has the morning tea roster for everyone to fill in for next year.

Grace will be giving a talk on Waggas at the NSWQuilt Friday Showcase sometime in May next year. Grace would like to take as many finished Waggas along to show the group.

Suzie has requested that we save any plain brown paper bags, 8'' x 10", for the show next year. We will have lots of small items for sale, so we need the smaller bags.

Iris and my group had a busy day unpicking a donated quilt that needs to be remade. There are a lot of very nice Japanese fabrics for us to use. We think we will get two quilts from all the pieces.
It took us the whole day but it was fun to work together for a good result.

Show and Tell:

A cushion from Sandy who also embroidered the centre. Pretty colours.

A pretty pink quilt for a little girl made by my group. The backing has a number of pink pears on it so we called it "Pink Pears".

A sample of the Wagga that Sue St made and Grace quilted.

A baby quilt from Lindy.

A tiny block from a special quilt we make each year for a children's party.

Until next week ....

Friday 8 November 2019

Community Day

Hi Everyone,

This Thursday was our Community Day.  Grace and new member, Jodie, were busy putting Wagga kits together for our show as well as sorting the fabric. A number of members are making Waggas for our show so we will have a variety and good supply to sell.

Other members were working on quilts for community and Robyn was busy collecting items for delivery to Trundle.

We had a Show Committee meeting this morning as well. Lots to talk about and get underway. it will be a busy year next year.

Sue has purchased three new books for our Library,  one by Maria Shell, and two by Angela Walters on free motion quilting.

Sue is beginning to look through the library ready to cull books that have never been borrowed or only borrowed once a long time a go.

Please make use of the Library. We have a varied selection so you will find something for every project.

Dates for your Diary:

We will finish the year with our Christmas Party on December 12.

We will resume on January 16.

Show and Tell:

Off to Trundle for two little girls who love Unicorns. Kerry pieced this one and Robyn quilted it.
Akiko found the two Unicorn soft toys to match.

 Marie K. pieced and quilted the one below.

Robyn S. made the Tractor quilt below.
Also going to Trundle.

Jenny made this one for Trundle.

 Grace whipped up this quilt for Community over the weekend. I love the hand quilted chain stitching in the sashing. I think Grace has lightning fingers, she is so quick.

Baby quilt from Sue D for Westmead.

Four baby quilts from Carolyn for Westmead.

Until next week .....

Saturday 2 November 2019

Happy Halloween

This was our Halloween inspired morning tea 

Iris on blog this week,  as Judy enjoys some holiday time.   Huge thank you to Sandy and Deb for turning morning tea into a Halloween feast, including lots of lolly treats.

We also had an early visit from our very own special 'Go-To Man'.    Peter, thank you for fixing up (and painting) our new shelves.   We have already filled them.
So much show and tell this week:

Ros has finished the 'Motor Bike' quilt for Robyn Jnst.'s trip to Trundle delivering Christmas presents.     Judy wrote about it last week.   Note, next week is the final day to give Robyn your finished quilts.


The 'Green Group',  Lin, Meg, Ellen, Robin and Sue made this quilt,  for our Community stash: I've called it  'Designer Garden'

Ellen and Robin also showed us two of Adrienne's quilts that they finished for her.  Both of the quilts will go to Adrienne's granddaughters and both so huge that I did not do them justice with my poor pictures.      Close-ups of part of a hand quilted Baltimore and a hand pieced and quilted Reproduction style quilt.

And this weeks selection of Cot quilts for Grace Centre ...

Two from June

From Grace,  made in the Maria Sheils workshop she attended 

From Felicity and Suzie:  Felicity bought the fabric in US, Suzie put it together and Felicity finished the binding.

Quilters can also be Knitters too:    Jenny and Bev participated in a mystery knit and produced these magnificent shawls.   

Happy quilting, knitting and just creating: have a good week.

Saturday 26 October 2019

Lots of Photos

Hi Everyone,

We had a busy time clearing one of our cupboards this week as we had to relinquish it to the Council. We did however acquire two extra cupboards in the kitchen which works out quite well for us.
Thank you to everyone who helped, particularly Iris, Suzie, Grace and Sandy.

I mentioned that it is time to start planning your quilt for our show next year. We will be needing the dimensions and colours of your quilts in April. This is required for the hall layout and the hire of the frames for hanging.
Everyone should endeavour to make one.
The minimum size is 1m x 1m and the maximum is 280cm wide x 290 cm high.

Show and Tell:

Baby quilts from Carolyn - a cowboy quilt and three others grouped below.

Star baby quilt from Jenny.

 Robyn Jnst. and her husband are going to Trundle in the Central West of NSW, west of Parkes in the Parkes Shire.
The Trundle area has been in severe drought for years. The school headmaster has many ideas to help the children get through this hard time. Many of the children go home after school to help hand feed the animals. The headmaster tries to lift their spirits.
Robyn has been asked for 48 gifts for some of the children and has been given their ages and likes and preferences. Some have never had a Christmas present.
Robyn and her husband are driving out to Trundle to deliver the quilts and gifts.

Below is a quilt top being made by Ros. for a little boy who loves motor bikes.

A unicorn quilt from Marie K. Unicorns are so popular with little girls.

 Suzie has made this cute cushion for her grandson's second Birthday. She has called it Cuddly Dudley. There is a pocket in the back for a special book.

 A quilt from Robyn for a younger child.

 Three more motorbike quilts for little boys.
 Top and bottom one from Grace and middle one from Robyn.

 Grace made this quilt to be raffled by the school.
 Grace used a linen/cotton blend and hand painted the triangles.

Until next time ....

Sunday 20 October 2019

Waggas and Community

Hullo Everyone,

The hall was busy this week. Waggas were being sewn and planned for our show next year. The Lord Mayor's Picnic quilt was being pinned together. Some members were knitting.  And of course lots of chatter and catching up with news.

Akiko will be back this coming week. She has been in Japan visiting her mother. I was anxious about her with the Typhoon Japan was having. Thankfully all is well but Akiko was very sad to see the devastation quite near her.

I contacted Coleen about having her jewellery "shop" here this year. Coleen is extremely busy and feels that she cannot come this year. Perhaps next year.

Suzie bought a new first aid kit as the other one went missing. This is kept in the kitchen cupboard if needed.

Show and Tell:

Grace finished her Maria Shell quilts from the recent workshop. Such amazing and interesting effects. No rulers are used and the solid colours are eye catching. 

Grace especially likes the effect of the right arrows joining the ones below. It certainly is stunning.

A baby quilt from Jenny using an Australian animals panel.

A Wagga from Gill and hand quilted over the weekend by Grace!

Until next week ....

Monday 14 October 2019

A Little Late

Hi Everyone,

I am a little late this week. My weekend was very busy but here I am at last!

Our numbers were down this week - school holidays and others travelling. However it was a fun and busy day for those who were there.

We received a very nice thank you letter from the charity that we support through Robyn Jst. The charity is under the umbrella of St Vincent de Paul Society. It provides struggling families with material support and also gives them hope and reassurance to know that they are not alone through their difficult journey.  Robyn delivered cot quilts and teddy bears that we have been making.

We always appreciate these kind responses.

Show and Tell:

Robyn Jst. made these cute caps for newborn babies. We will give them to Westmead to see if they require further donations.

Another lovely baby quilt from June.

Grace started this quilt at our retreat in September. It is a bright and happy quilt and is for Community.

Below we have Helena's quilt started at the Maria Shell workshop last weekend. Those who attended the workshop had a busy and rewarding weekend, 

 One of Carolyn's three baby quilts. Carolyn assures me her stash is getting no smaller. Every quilter can relate to that.

Another baby quilt from Sheila.

This is Carolyn's version from the weekend workshop.

Until next week ....