Saturday 11 October 2014

Book Update version 3

The Book of the 2014 Quilt Show has been updated again with lots of changes.
Cropped photos have been fixed, raffle quilts have been added and many photos have been replaced.
Unfortunately, not a lot could be done about the lighting, especially the poles. Apologies for the partial views of those quilts affected.
Please check the full preview below (click the full screen icon) to see how the new book has turned out.
We have 15 days to order a copy before it vanishes into the ether. If you would like a copy, place your order with Iris.

The secret's out at last!

Yes, finally we were able to reveal our secret quilting business! Thanks to everyone for keeping it so quiet. It made for a wonderful surprise as we presented Akiko with her wedding quilt. And thank you ladies for all the work in making the blocks. They came together so beautifully as you will see below. Beautiful bag Iris. Thank you. You can also see Akiko's reaction!

Many thanks to Grace for 'hosting' the secret construction process at her house. It made the job so much easier. Also to Grace for the lovely final quilting. Needless to say, Akiko was overcome by the gift.
We all wish you a wonderful wedding and a long and happy marriage Akiko.

In other news, we were also finally able to hand over a generous cheque to the ladies from Giant Steps. The money raised through our very successful show last August enabled us to help out their very deserving school once again. 

Another exciting item of news- our Jess is the subject of a profile article in the current edition of Quilters Companion. I'll see if I can get a copy to bring to group next week. Well done Jessica!

We all send our thoughts and best wishes to Cheryl for a speedy recovery. Can't wait for you to return to us.

Members were able to see the 'proofing' copy of the show book this week. Alison is taking care of final adjustments before an order goes in. Iris is collecting orders if you are keen to purchase a copy. Thank you girls.

All Lord Mayor's Quilt blocks were delivered on schedule this week. Many thanks all for sticking to the plan. Susan was most impressed! Now the construction work can begin!

The first few aprons have been completed, and Akiko modelled one to inspire others with theirs.

Very nice! Another from the same table group is shown below.

Remember, any embellishment you like (within reason and taste!) will be acceptable!
These are just one group's  inspiration. Go for it!

With so much else going on, we didn't get to Show and Tell till rather late (sorry Lindy).
But here are two lovely little baby quilts for the Grace Centre made by Val.

A wonderful day! The Champagne definitely helped the stitching, and provided a festive atmosphere to cheer Akiko on her way.
See you all next week for a 'sedate' get together! Are we ever sedate? I think not!!!

Monday 6 October 2014


Nice weather at last, and spirits were high at HHQ.
I must apologise for the lateness of this blog. My only excuse is that I've been enjoying the long weekend so much! Sorry!

We wished happy birthday to all the October ladies, and included The Gladesville Bridge, which turned 50 on the day. 

A lovely card was circulated to wish Cheryl a speedy recovery. I gave it to her yesterday at the hospital, and she was delighted. She can't wait to be back with us.

Susan SJ will be back by the end of October, and it seems such a long time since we've seen her. 

Audrey is away and so any money matters needing to be handled, just see me.

Blocks for the Lord Mayor's Quilt are due back this week. They are looking very intriguing.

We're all looking forward to seeing the book of the show, which should be available for viewing in a week or two. Some people have already put their orders in, and if you would like to do so just let Iris know. 

Deb told us about a challenge being done (I think it was through the Guild) which is asking for an A4 size quilt on the theme of Cylone Tracey. It's 40 years since that disaster. Sounds like an amazing challenge. Find out more this week if you're interested.

Now for some show and tell.

The first is a very cute quilt for community done by by Susan and Suzie. It's called "Beach Huts"

The next is a gorgeous quilt done by Betty for her daughter. Betty was very grateful for help from the girls in getting this finished in time for her daughter's visit. The quilting was done by Grace and is lovely.

Suzie made this next one for her aunt. It's very serene and lovely.

Grace made this next one for Macquarie Hospital. I'm sure it will be gratefully received

And finally the 'Pink Group' have made this fascinating quilt for community. Lovely girls!

So there you have it. Another productive and enjoyable day. Looking forward to this Thursday. See you all there. Cheers, Elva

Thursday 25 September 2014

25th September

We started as a smallish group, but numbers improved as the day wore on. School holidays require grandparent duties from time to time. Lots of busy quilting was going on, and Betty sandwiching and pinning her latest design with a little help from her friends.

A few girls were putting finishing touches to their "Fantasea" blocks in time for delivery on 9th October. Susan and her team will no doubt start putting it together shortly after that. Can't wait to see how it comes out.

We had a visit from Karl Ryves. He was very pleased that a few of us visited his house last Tuesday to view the quilt collection there. We brought lunch to share and enjoyed sitting on the back verandah chatting and talking quilts and other things. He would like more girls to visit, so let me know if you would be interested and I'll set it up.

Alison has let everyone know that the book of the 2014 Hunters Hill Quilt Show is finished and a preview of it can be viewed on line (see link in previous post or in your email). The physical book will be available by October 10th, so we thought we might wait to see it before orders are taken. Iris has kindly offered to handle the ordering for the group, so let her know if you wish to purchase your own copy. The more that are ordered of course means the cheaper it will be. Thanks Alison and thanks Iris.

Akiko came 7th in her division of the half marathon! Well done! Just talking about it made the rest of us breathless. 

Kathy has told us that there will indeed be a fabric sale coming up. Carolyn will let us know when so we can all come along prepared! Looking forward to that!

Thanks to Kerry who is going to search out a larger coffee plunger for the group. I'm afraid I failed to find one the correct size!

And now at last we come to Show and Tell.

The first was a gorgeous quilt by Sheila called 'Fractured' and a lovely bag with felt and embroidery.

Next comes an almost finished black white and red beauty by Janet. Looks like only the binding to go.

Finally a couple of shots of Gil's spectacular quilt which she thinks she'll call "Frida" for obvious reasons. I've included a close up of the lady herself as well.

Hope you enjoyed them. Cheers everyone, and have a lovely weekend. Let's hope the rain doesn't hang around for too long !

Saturday 20 September 2014


It was a pretty normal group today. No particular surprises, so girls simply got down to work and fun.
Some discussion of our 'challenge' to put together a range of aprons for events such as our big shows. In the end we decided to take a vote for 'decorated' versus 'minimalist,classy' style. Appliqué and decorated won the vote, so it's up to each group to decide. When it comes to using them, you can have a choice. What could be fairer? Thanks to Gil for offering to do the binding on any that people want done. She also cut all the binding strips. I think she's going to have lots of customers! Good on you Gil.

More squares for The Lord Mayor's Picnic Quilt were handed in, and they're looking great. It could be very exciting putting it together. Susan will get a lovely surprise when she returns. Remember 9th October is the due date for returning them. Have fun!

Not a lot more to report except the show and tell session. 
This week we had a lovely little cot quilt by Iris, called "Elephants On Parade" I believe

Next came a gorgeous piece by Helen, which she says she's been working away at for some time and finally finished.

The following spectacular one is by Jenny and quilted by Grace. It's called "Stringy Stars"

Finally a beautiful top which has been much admired, by our new member Hayley. She has lost one if the leaves last week by the way, in case someone picked it up and put it away. Just let Hayley know. It's going to make a gorgeous quilt Hayley!

So that it for now. Have a lovely weekend and week ahead. Till we meet again........

Friday 12 September 2014

32nd Birthday Party

We had a big celebration today!
32 years of Hunters Hill Quilters!

With all the excitement we forgot to take a nice photo of the lovely Birthday Cake.
But you can tell that everybody did enjoy it!

Thank you Betty for organising the cake.
Thank you Narelle for organising the Champagne and soft drinks.

Happy Birthday all

Congratulations to our Life time member June Pryor.
Hope to enjoy you for another 25 years!

There is a bit of a tradition that we have a challenge for our Christmas party, or that we get one at our Christmas party.
There have been some comments at our last show for not having HHQ aprons.
So that will be the challenge!
Robin H and Elva have come up with the plan.
They provide a check fabric,  all pieces needed for the apron are cut.
So it is up to the different "table" groups to make 2 or 3 aprons.
Use your imagination  and whatever you need to make some nice aprons!
We will bind them all with a green binding also provided by Robin and Elva.
Any questions you know where to go!

Have a look at the Elva Notice Board for all the interesting news.
Like the Birthdays coming up!
Comfortable shoes.

Unfortunately no show and tell today!!!

Happy stitching,

Friday 5 September 2014

Community Day and the start of Spring!

Not that you'd know Spring has sprung. It was as cold as ice outside, with occasional rain. But tucked up in the hall, a happy bunch of ladies were stitching away making quilts for community use. It's a wonderful feeling. Susan put up what was left of The Lord Mayor's picnic quilt blocks, with a few already completed. We all agreed it's going to be another beauty this year!

Thanks to Kathy D for the donation of another copy of "Collaborative Quilts" to replace the one we lost from the library. Very generous, as it has become a valuable book. We are all alerted to the dangers of on-lending and/or forgetting to fill in library cards as books are borrowed. Can't afford to lose any of our books.

Next Thursday is our birthday party celebration. Thanks to Betty and Narelle who will take care of refreshments for us. Try and remember a glass for yourself, or some plastic ones might be available as well. 

Audrey reported on the financial success of our 2014 show. Another triumph despite numbers being down. Some areas of the show obviously did better  business than last time. Just shows that all the work pays off in the end. Well done everyone.

You may have noticed already that the show photos of the quilts are now on the blog. Thanks to Alison for this work. More photos to come I believe, and possibly another book which many are looking forward to. 

A reminder that The Lord Mayor's picnic quilt blocks are due back  on the 9th of October. Gives us plenty of time to complete them. 

And finally to our show and tell. 

Robyn S has made this beauty called "Leftovers"

This red and white number doesn't have a name yet. Put together from some donated squares for a community quilt. I'm planning to finish it with a bit of hand quilting in the border. Any name suggestions would be appreciated. It's been fun......

Lindy has made this as a Christmas present for her sister. Can't believe it's getting near that time again! Nice job Lindy!

Jill working on another baby quilt for the Grace Centre I think. Looks wonderful!

And finally a few round the room shots showing girls working away on community quilts.
Have a great week till we meet again.