Friday 12 September 2014

32nd Birthday Party

We had a big celebration today!
32 years of Hunters Hill Quilters!

With all the excitement we forgot to take a nice photo of the lovely Birthday Cake.
But you can tell that everybody did enjoy it!

Thank you Betty for organising the cake.
Thank you Narelle for organising the Champagne and soft drinks.

Happy Birthday all

Congratulations to our Life time member June Pryor.
Hope to enjoy you for another 25 years!

There is a bit of a tradition that we have a challenge for our Christmas party, or that we get one at our Christmas party.
There have been some comments at our last show for not having HHQ aprons.
So that will be the challenge!
Robin H and Elva have come up with the plan.
They provide a check fabric,  all pieces needed for the apron are cut.
So it is up to the different "table" groups to make 2 or 3 aprons.
Use your imagination  and whatever you need to make some nice aprons!
We will bind them all with a green binding also provided by Robin and Elva.
Any questions you know where to go!

Have a look at the Elva Notice Board for all the interesting news.
Like the Birthdays coming up!
Comfortable shoes.

Unfortunately no show and tell today!!!

Happy stitching,

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