Thursday 17 August 2023

17th August

 Hi Everyone,

Work continues on the second raffled quilt today and thank you to everyone who returned their finished appliqué work. The creativity at the design wall was in full swing with tape measures and pins at the ready as the rows of work went up. Completed squares and rectangles of sewing were being moved around like chess pieces until everyone was satisfied with the finished design.

Narelle has emailed everyone the details of our weekend away to members who have indicated they are attending our retreat in November. We will keep up you to date with information as needed and reminders about payment, so stay tuned. Please visit the website for St Joseph’s Kincumber as they give clear directions on how to  find them  - see the web link here

2024 Show
Next week we will be having our next Show Committee meeting at 1pm. Please inform Ros if you have any matters that need to be added to the agenda.

Show & Tell
Carolyn completed 10 Baby quilts

Heather completed a quilt to be donated to Blue & Yellow Hearts

Grace quilted her Wagga on a road trip to Art Quilt Australia in Geelong where her quilt called Seeking the Sun (not shown) was exhibited at the National Wool Museum. Congratulations Grace.

24th August Show Committee meeting at 1pm
15 - 17th September QuiltNSW Exhibition 2023
3 - 5th November Retreat at St Joseph’s Kincumber

Until next week.
Happy quilting, Sandy

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