Saturday 5 November 2022

3rd November, 2022

 Hi Everyone,

The year suddenly seems to be speeding by. We are well into November with Christmas around the corner. Time to start thinking about Christmas cakes and puddings. 

We will finish this year on December 8th when we have our Christmas Party. 

Grace had some good news this week. She had been in touch with Stepping Stone House to ask if they could use some of our Waggas. They have taken 14 which will keep the residents nice and warm. The weather is so changeable at the moment. One day is sunny and warm, and the next wet and cold again.

The Wagga cupboard is now bare. It is a great opportunity to get started on making one. Jane and Dawn were helping Grace do some stitching for a Wagga this week.

As it was Community day this Thursday, Christie and Ros were busy putting together their Community Quilt.

Sandy did a great day cleaning out the fabric cupboards, putting colours together and generally tidying up. A great job done Sandy.

Sandy also took 8 cot quilts and 4 quilts to Bear Cottage. One of the these was Sandy's "mask" quilt which was displayed at our show this year. It has gone to a good home. They can use cot  and single bed quilts. They would particularly like more quilts for boys. 

Thank you to Robyn Jnst. for donation of her step ladder. Ours went missing during the show. 

Also Robyn is busy making more fiddle mats for an aged care home nearby. 

Show and Tell:

Elva has made this Wagga for her son.

This amazing quilt is from Robyn Jms. All hand pieced. We roughly calculated there must be over 6,000 fabric pieces in it. Robyn loves to work on it in front of the TV. I admire her patience.

A close up of Robyn's quilt - the kaleidoscope design. In this photo you can see the circles more clearly.

Below the 14 Waggas donated to Stepping Stone House.

Until next week ....

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