Monday 3 October 2022

A Great Day

 Hi Everyone,

What a day we had this week. At 11 am representatives from the two charities we were supporting this year, arrived. Also Narelle brought out the cakes and drinks to celebrate our 40th Anniversary.

Janelle from Days for Girls spoke to us about her charity. She showed us one of the kits they make. One kit lasts for approximately 5 years. It is therefore an ongoing task to make all the items, get them packaged and sent. We were able to donate fabric from our cupboard as well that can be used in the kits. 

Emily from Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Women's Shelter explained the many ways donated money is used for the refuge.

We are proud to support such worthy charities.

Our members chatted and mingled around which gave the whole day a party atmosphere.

When we hear the stories of where and how money can help these charities, all the hard work we put into our Show is very worthwhile. For a small group of women we certainly "punch above our weight". A big thank you to everyone.

There was an extra surprise as well. As you know Marie K. makes many quilts. She was talking to her daughter about perhaps selling some of her quilts.  Her daughter and her friends soon took up the challenge and sold all the quilts.
Marie came to me with a cheque that she wanted to include with our donation to the Women's shelter. I was blown away by her generosity and Emily was too.

Thank you Marie!

Executive Meeting:

Later in the day we had an Executive Meeting. Alison has prepared a survey for you all to fill in. We would like feedback from everyone. We all need to be involved with the group and each have her say. Like everything these days, we are evolving, and the way we have always done things may no longer apply.

 The survey will be emailed to everyone and printed copies given to those who are not on line.

Show and Tell:

Some photos from our show.

Morning tea almost all gone. 
Thank you to Kerry who organised the cakes and to Narelle for picking them up.

Janelle and Emily from the charities with their cheques.

Until next time .....

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