Sunday 13 September 2020

38th Birthday

 Hi Everyone,

Last week and this week we are celebrating our 38th year. We should feel proud that our group has been going for so long. We have made hundreds of quilts and waggas over this time and made many donations to a number of charities. We are celebrating over two weeks so hopefully everyone can join in the celebration as we cannot all gather in a single group.

Susan St J. called in. She has been very ill and spent some time in the Chris O'Brien cancer hospital. We gave Susan a wall hanging that the hospital wanted and also a quilt for them to raffle.

Baby quilts: Robyn had some good news. Westmead will take our baby quilts again. In fact the hospital called Robyn to say they had none! We can certainly fix that with so many of us making them during the lockdown.

Meg had a brochure advertising the Great Australian Craft Show 6. It will be online from Thursday 10  to Sunday 13 September. There will be 120 craft shops, event specials and demonstrations. All exhibitors will be online to chat.


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Show and Tell:

Iris and Robyn were given these soft fabrics and have made a quilt for Community.

Two from Carolyn for Community.

Sue Stev. has made this lovely quilt for her granddaughter.

Sandy made this 'happy' quilt during lockdown.

A wagga from Meg for her grandson. His great grandfather had a tailor shop and many of the fabrics are samples from there. 

A perfect wattle  in full bloom on my walk this morning.

A community quilt from Carolyn.

Until next week ....

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