Tuesday 5 May 2020

Our Busy Group

Hi Everyone,

Our members are keeping very busy while we are in voluntary isolation. I love the fact that we can always find something to do and make when we sew, knit or do any craft.
I spoke to a friend yesterday who is totally bored and watching too much rubbish on Netflix. So many don't have hobbies to turn to.

We have received two very nice comments on Facebook.:

* A message from Beecroft House thanking us for the stunning quilts they received last year.
"They were a very welcome and heart warming gift to receive for this collection of senior and often needy residents. I know how much time and work went into them and greatly appreciate your generosity".

* From a lady in Nowra called Kim Harper, whose mother received one of the quilts we delivered to Robyn for the fire victims. Her mother was delighted. She has been a quilter and was very aware of the work and effort that went into it, so is greatly appreciative.

Iris has replied to both.

Show and Tell:

Alison found these star blocks in a shoe box. Halfway through pinning them she noticed a couple of glaring mistakes, but she didn't fix them.
Spot the mistake in this photo. I quite like it!

 Lindy' s Streetscape looks really good. Not sure if I can rise to the challenge.

 Grace has finished her quilt.

 Ros started her quilt at our retreat last year. It is only fitting that she has finished it on what would have been our retreat weekend this year.

 Debbie U. is making small brooches. The little girls are wooden buttons. The blue fabric is striking. It is from Jessie Chorley in England.

Helena enlarged the quilt she worked on during the Maria Shell workshop. It is now quilted and finished.

 House block from Alison.

Until next time ....

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