Saturday 19 January 2019

A New Year

Hullo Everyone,

Welcome back to another productive and fun quilting year. I trust you all had a pleasant break. It was lovely to catch up with everyone on Thursday. Some have been very productive over the holidays while some (e.g. me!) haven't done a lot.

We received a couple of things in the mail from the break:

* Our local Federal Minister, Trent Zimmerman, sent us a Christmas card.

* At the end of last year we gave two quilts to the local Sydney Community Services to be raffled to their volunteers.
We received a lovely note from the winner of the Christmas quilt that Marie G. had made and donated. The volunteer said she had never had a hand made quilt before. It is at present, displayed on her sofa for her friends to see.
She is very appreciative. It is so nice to receive feedback and Marie was especially pleased to read the card.

* We received a very nice email from Springwood High School for the sensory mats and bears that many of our members made. Helen K. had heard about the request and asked us to help.
Thank you to everyone who helped with this project.
Helen was especially grateful for the quick response.

* I had applied on behalf of the group, for the Hunters Hill Australia Day Awards which recognise outstanding contributions made by individuals and groups throughout 2018.

I received a note from the Council, thanking us for our contribution, but unfortunately we did not win  this time.
Will try again next year.

* Jenny told us about some new books she is adding to our library. Be sure and borrow them. They all look very interesting.

* Amish Rag Rug:

Alison showed us an unfinished round Amish knot rag rug that she had started to make over the break.
She suggested that we might like to do it as a workshop item this year.
There is no sewing involved - only knotting. Alison said it is a great way to use unloved fabrics. The colour only is important.

Below is the video link to the tutorial for you all to watch. There is a photo of the rug below.

How to make an Amish knot rug


First up we have a quilt that I finished for a friend of Iris. It will be donated to the Hornsby Womens Shelter.

Baby quilts above and below from Carolyn.

Alison's Rag Rug below.

Above and below two more Baby quilts from Carolyn.

Until next week ....

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