Sunday 14 October 2018

Another week

Hi Everyone,

It was an enjoyable meeting on Thursday. Gil was back from her holiday. Jenny and Iris pinned the quilt for the Lord Mayor's Picnic. It is now ready to be quilted.

Suzie L. said that there was an open day for Days for Girls on Friday at the Beecroft Scout Hall. Everyone was welcome.

Days for Girls purchases a lot of the fabric to use for their kits. This is all added cost for them.
We have suggested that our members look through their stash for any fabric they can donate.
The minimum amount is 30" x 12". This is the size required to make the bags for the kits. Of course larger amounts are welcome.

Due to International regulations, any themed fabric cannot be used. This includes Disney prints, Peter Rabbit, Movie characters etc.

The fabric should preferably be washed and bright colours are favoured.

Some housekeeping:

Suzie L and Beryl R stay to lock up after our meetings each week. They have been using the carpet sweeper to clean the floor. It is easy to drop cotton and food crumbs. Everyone is very good at finding any pins or needles that are dropped.

It is really everyones' responsibility to pick up around their area before they leave. It used to be part of the kitchen duty to clean up the floor but this has fallen by the wayside recently.

So please everyone try a little harder and save Suzie and Beryl having to do it.

Remember that many other groups use the hall, including a playgroup for young children.

Show and Tell:

 The above three quilts are from Carolyn. Lovely colours.

The above two quilts are from Susan H. All the above baby quilts will go to the Westmead Hospital.

 Above are two fiddle muffs from Grace and Jenny. These will go to a nursing home. Grace has cleverly cut the remaining fliers from our recent show into "Business Cards". A great idea and wonderful recycling.

Susie M was able to join us this week as it is the school holidays. It is always lovely to see Susie. Susie and her mother Helen, also provided our delicious morning tea this week.
Above is a baby quilt she is making for a friend. The yellow triangles are open at the sides for little fingers to explore.

Until next week ......

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