Friday 15 June 2018

NSW Guild Show starts June 20

Hi Everyone,

A couple of us are going to help at the judging for the NSW Guild Show this weekend. The organisation for the judging of over 400 quilts must be amazing. I am excited to see it in action. I will be in the kitchen to provide the judges with tea and coffee and then lunch.

Meg spoke to us about the opening night for our show. Everyone is encouraged to bring along a friend or two or three to help us celebrate our special gala evening. Suzie and her group will be on the stage selling all the wonderful goodies many of the girls have been making. I will be swooping in to buy some that I have seen in progress. They are all fantastic and would make lovely gifts if you don't end up keeping them all for yourself.

Iris told us that she had received a letter from the Grace Centre at the Westmead Children's Hospital. It was so nice to hear how much our baby quilts that we make for them are enjoyed and appreciated. Last Mothers Day, every mother received one of the quilts for their little one, to take home.
We all enjoy making them. Westmead has suggested a special project for us to do after our Show. It should be fun and we are looking forward to it.

Now for Show and Tell:

Pamela R. works with the most beautiful materials. Pam then often uses the leftovers to make quilts for our Community. This one above is particularly lush.

Ellen's friend of a friend donated this patchwork quilt for our Community stash.  Many thanks.

Above, a silky quilt from, Pamela R. Lovely golden colours. I think we are going to call it "Sunshine".

Hayley had pieced the semi circles and then couldn't decide how to go further. She gave the pieces to our industrious Blue Group who turned it into this stunning quilt.

 Now for three baby quilts from Carolyn - one above and two below. Carolyn says she still has not made a dent in her stash.
We are very happy to receive them for Westmead.

Below, my husband has very cheekily replaced one of the dogs with a photo of our new puppy - top row, third from left! He is very cute and growing fast.

Lindy also had a couple of baby quilts for us. I have shown the fronts and backs below. Both are very pretty.

And another one from Carolyn below.

Until next week ....

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