Monday 11 December 2017

Last week of stitching 7/12/17

Yes, we had our last stitching day for 2017, and look forward to celebrating with a Christmas Party this week. We will start around 11.30 or 12pm, with those who are helping set up getting to work around 10.30am. Akiko will not open up the hall till then, so don’t get stranded outside waiting!
Bring a glass or help yourself to one of our plastic ones from the cupboard.
Bring a small plate of something yummy, but make sure it’s not too much.
We don’t want to be throwing away good food.

Thank you so much to Susie and Helen for the fabulous workshop devoted to Denim Waggas. We all learnt so much, and many will go ahead and try out the process themselves. Very do-able, and very portable to complete over time. Great to see our Aqucutter getting a workout also. It really does impress when we see it in action. Start collecting old jeans from family and friends to share.

The process ...

Speaking of sharing, a share and swap table will be set up at the Christmas Party with bits and pieces for Sensory Mats. Please help yourself and bring along anything you’ve found that is surplus to your requirements. It should be full of fun surprises!

Enjoy the Show and Tell pictures below courtesy of Iris!
See you all at the Party on Thursday.
Cheers, Elva

Grace  has been working on another wagga ...  simple and very stylish 

Helen has got the 'foxy' bug :   two quilts - a big one for mother fox and a little one for baby fox (sorry !) 

The prolific Carolyn has added another 3 cot quilts to the  Grace Centre stash

And in the spirit of Christmas,  Heather shared this fun garland of Christmas Trees

Party time on Thursday  ...   cheers Iris

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