Monday 23 October 2017

Action aplenty in the hall! 19/10/17

Yes, there were workmen in the kitchen repairing the oven, tables erected for basting and the drafting table erected for cutting. There are times when everyone is so busy there’s little extra room to move!

But all this leads to the production of amazing work, and plenty of happy quilters doing what they love to do.

Thanks to the Hunters Hill Council, our hall is kept in good working order most of the time. We are so lucky to be able to store all our equipment there to reduce the carrying of things back and forth.

There was more fabric laid out on a table for anyone to share. Cheryl’s stash seems to be endless! She would be delighted that so much of it will end up in community quilts or in projects for her friends families.

The Show committee will be meeting again at the end of November to continue planning for August next year. The excitement grows!

A reminder also that the week after next (2nd November) will be Community  Day, and the Days For Girls group will be coming to lead a workshop. Thank you to all the girls who have volunteered to participate in this session. It will such a help for this charity. If you have a small portable machine, bring it along, plus some extra extension chords. If not, just a good pair of fabric scissors (marked with your name) so you can help with the cutting.

Show And Tell: 

'Paris in Pink' by Kerry and her 'Orange' team - to be given to one of the Women's Refuges that we support.

Also by Kerri:  Japanese Kimonos, made for her son and his wife for Christmas 

Magic colours  in this quilt at the quilting stage by Beryl R. -  Beryl did also mention that she had had enough of  the hexagon borders.  The quilt was started at a Chris Jurd workshop at Quiltsmith

Work on the design wall:    Doreen, Val and Gil are progressing with their elephants  ..

Ideas in progress with June and the Blue Team 

Elva on text and Iris on pictures  ...     happy stitching.

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