Saturday 3 June 2017


We had a great roll up today, with most members working hard at various community projects.
We were visited by members of two of our recipient groups, and there were plenty of lovely quilts piled up to donate.

These two delighted and very grateful recipients left with 11 quilts all up!
A very worthy cause with lots of information and questions from the group.
Well done to all the girls who have worked so tirelessly making this amazing collection!

We would also like to extend our thanks to Iris who has overseen the community program for quite a while now. You have done an outstanding job on this Iris, and I know the groups who receive the quilts appreciate them and value them tremendously. Keep driving us on.......It's a great use of our skills.


The baby quilts I forgot to photograph last week are below. Thanks and congrats to Beryl R and Susan H for these chalmers.

Three extra baby quilts this week were done by Carolyn D. Lovely fabrics as always. Thanks Carolyn

Just another shot of a couple of waggas from the community collection. So many to choose from, but plenty of needy groups waiting for them. Keep up the great work girls. The community really appreciate our efforts.

So another fabulous day. We'll do it all again on the first Thursday of July.
See you all next Thursday working on your own projects again.
Cheers and keep warm! Perfect quilting weather now!

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