Saturday 14 January 2017


Welcome back everyone!
We started the year with a good size group, and it was clear that people had been pretty busy with quilting work over the break.
Traditional blocks and contemporary ones were emerging from all directions, and being handed to Grace and Robyn. For those who still have blocks being done, just bring them along when you can so that putting our 2018 Show raffle quilts together can begin. 

In addition to these, it wasn't long into the day before a wonderful array of quilt tops appeared on the floor! Amazing amount of work by first Jenny S,

and also Iris....

and finally Karen.

From what I gather, all three girls have been completing these as part of a '365 day block' challenge of some sort. All the rest of us could say was 'WOW!'

Grace displayed some of the Contemporary Quilt blocks which have been handed in, and it certainly looks spectacular enough just lying on the table. Imagine what the finished quilt will be like! Very exciting.....

Iris also showed the quilt top which many of us participated in during the 2016 Show. It made pleasant for work in the new Stitching Lounge section of the event. Definitely an innovation to repeat next show I'd say! And the quilt is looking wonderful. Iris is looking for suggestion as to the quilting, and quite a few of us like the idea of stipple. Let her know what you think. 

Grace displayed six little baby quilts which she has been working on over the break. She said she was trying desperately to reduce her stash, but for some strange reason, it still seems to keep growing?!
I think we all know that phenomenon don't we?
They're gorgeous anyway Grace. 

And finally we had another baby quilt from Val. She said she deliberately kept the border fairly plain because there was so much colour and interest in the main fabric itself. A lovely result.

Phew! I hope these girls enjoyed their 'break' and got out and about as well!
Talk about starting with a bang!
At this rate, it looks like a really prolific year of quilt production.
Bring it on!

Thanks to Alison for taking responsibility for production of the 2016 Quilt Show book. If anyone who hasn't ordered one would like to after seeing it, Alison can tell you how to go about it.

We had thanks from Stepping Stone House and Giant Steps for our support of them both, and a response from the Hunters Hill Council about our application for 'Australia Day Event of the Year'. Unfortunate this time we were not successful. There were many applications we gather. 

Well, a great start to the year, and we're off again! 

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