Saturday 31 October 2015

END OF OCTOBER! 20/10/15

Well, where on earth did October go? I'm sure time didn't go this fast when we were all 5 years old and waiting for our next birthday or Christmas to come! Crazy.....

However, this means next week is Community day for November, and we are putting our new Accuquilt Cutter into action. A few experienced users will be on hand to demonstrate and guide you through using it. Once you've seen how it's done, you won't need much help because it's so easy and self explanatory. Please have a go, even if it's just cutting some strips from our stash, which can then be used for community projects. Or by all means bring your own fabric to try it out. 

Iris and Grace may also bring out one or two of Adrienne's unfinished beauties for a group to get started on. That sounds exciting indeed. There'll be plenty to do!

Another more long-term project could be a group working on the various blocks of Hayley's pattern "Dolly and Me". I believe Hayley is planning to donate the pattern to our library, which is very generous. Have a look below and see if you agree with me that we could make this one up as a raffle quilt, either for the 2018 show or another community raffle before then. I think we would sell plenty of tickets! How did she do the whole thing herself? Amazing Hayley!





Don't forget the Campbelltown Quilters exhibition is coming on 14th & 15th of November. You can google it for all details.

Thanks to Iris for organising Jeanne from Head Space to come and speak to us about their programs. Jeanne really was the most dynamic speaker I've heard in a long time. As Iris pointed out, she hasn't heard the room so silent during a speaker's visit 'ever!' What a pity we don't have such dynamism from the women in our political system! I guess women like Jeanne are better served being out in the community making things happen on the ground. The talk certainly gave a better insight into the organisation and the programs in place to support young people with mental illnesses. We can now see how to target our donations from the next show to best effect.

Thanks to Kerry for representing HHQ at a Hunters Hill Community Groups forum last Wednesday evening. Kerry was impressed with how many community groups there are in Hunters Hill, and how they try and support and liaise with each other. We have been asked to include our 'events' for each year in the community calendar. The idea is that in this way groups will try not arrange their events in conflict with other groups. There were many other initiatives and issues, but Kerry felt this one is most useful for us.
Thanks again Kerry for fitting this into your busy schedule.

We decided that December 17 will be the date for our end of year Christmas Party. The plan is to eat, drink, play a few small games and generally wind down ready for the festive break. 
The challenge which was originally suggested by Narelle I think, has been discussed and worked on by quite a few people by now. The final decision is that everyone who wants to can complete a block, (or more than one if you wish), and receive a raffle ticket for each block. A ticket will be then pulled out at the party, and the winner gets the blocks to make into a quilt (or anything you wish). Depending how many blocks come in, we might get be able to pull out two tickets for two lots of blocks. We'll see what happens. Iris has chosen a (very easy) block (thanks for volunteering Iris) and will distribute it as soon as she has it ready. There will be a set size and colour range so that they will blend together. Sound like fun!

Joy is busy circulating next year's kitchen roster (already!), so choose dates that suit you best now. Well done Joy!


The first quilt is a Wagga done by Doreen and Gil, and quilted by Grace. It's really lovely, and the quilting on the back makes it so beautifully reversible. Lovely job ladies all!




Hayley showed her Dolly and Me quilt - finally finished! (See above). It's an amazing piece of work Hayley. Hours of 'fun', and a wonderful present to a dear friend for her baby. Wow!

And last of all Grace showed a gorgeous memory quilt for a friend's niece, showing memories in fabric of the child's first nine years. You can see bits and pieces of pre-loved clothes etc which Grace has used. A wonderful gift Grace, and beautifully worked. 




There's no end to the creativity in this group. It's such a pleasure being able to work among so many experienced and talented people, while still being able to relax, joke around and have heaps of companionship and fun. Where else would you be on Thursdays?

Cheers, Elva

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