Friday 9 August 2013

Friday 9/8/2013

Welcome to my first 'new technology' post:  so fingers crossed that all goes well.

Thursday's travel stories came from Betty, who emailed to tell us about the fun time she is having in Alaska and we wished Robyn and Graham a safe and exciting 3 month trip by caravan to Geraldton.

A reminder from Grace about the Round Robin Challenge. Finished quilts will go on display at our Christmas lunch on Thursday 12/12/2013. And don't forget to keep your diary up to date as it is very likely that Alison will make a 'Challenge' book, incorporating both the pictures and the stories.

Four new quilts were added to our stash for the kids in Nepal.   Rhonda will be picking them up on Thursday 22/8/2013 and she will tell us all about the project.

 ' Triangles' from Laurel, quilted by Grace

'Yellow Stars' by Suzie and Audrey

'Amish Copy'  by Iris using 'Blocks from the Cupboard' 

Red and Black and White by Iris and Robyn S, again using 'Blocks from the Cupboard'

Show and Tell came from Robin Jo,  and she left many of us speechless with her tiny machine pieced hexagons - look at the whole picture and then the detail !    

It may now be a few hours since I started this,  but I am a much more 'technically enhanced'  person - and I did it without having to call on Alison !    And the bonus is - this new 'blog' has spell-check !

Enjoy your week  ...   Cheers Iris

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