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Hunters Hill Quilters meet every Thursday at Fairland Hall in Hunters Hill for 4 hours of stitching from 10.30am.

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Monday, 16 October 2017

A Packed Hall Again! 12/10/17

Yes indeed, now that school holidays have finished, the tables were once again bursting and buzzing with action at the Fareland Hall.
We welcomed two new members into the bargain. Nice to have you on board Debbie and Keryn!
Jess sent a hello via Grace. She is no doubt up to her ears with kids, work and quilting design! Go Jess!
Meg gave us feedback from the first major Show Meeting held last week. Good progress being made, even this far out. Thanks Meg.
Helena announced a workshop day run by Susie on the December Community Thursday. It will be on ‘Denim Waggas’ for those interested in participating.
The November Community Thursday workshop will be devoted to work for the ‘Days For Girls’ group, who will show us what to do to help make their products. Please bring along your machine that day. The more participants the better. There are two machines at the hall as well. They have asked me to let  them know how many people will be doing the workshop so they know how much to bring. Let me know in the following two weeks at the hall.

Just three exhibits at Show and Tell this week.

The first was a baby quilt by Jenny -  bright and blue, picture next week,

The second, 'Shelf Life'  also made by Jenny from a design by Megan Mainwarring.

The third was a community quilt made by Robyn S and the Blue Team:

Looking forward to seeing everyone again next Thursday.
Cheers, Elva

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Community Day, 5/10/2017

A great day at HHQ.

The Show Committee started the day at an early morning meeting discussing possible judges and charity recipients for our show in August next year. Very early I know, but it needs plenty of lead-up planning and work to bring everything together. The show co-ordinator Meg lead the meeting and will give us feedback next week.

The room was busy working away on plenty of community projects. The pictures below show some of the completed work and some not finished yet.

First up, two gorgeous quilts which will be donated to the community collection.

The one below was put together and quilted by Grace from left-over furnishing fabric donated by Meg!  It’s produced a lovely result that drew many oooooohs and aaaaarhs from the group!

Also from Grace and the Orange Team .... 

Some baby quilts from June and Carolyn ...

And some other interesting community work throughout the hall  ....

Doreen, Gil and Val working on elephants:  more to come on that ...

A binding almost completed by Robyn S and her team  ...

And work from Susie in preparation for the 2018 Quilt Show ....

A very productive day,  have a happy sewing week.      Joint effort from  Elva and Iris