Saturday 25 January 2014

Another good sewing Thursday

Keep the date:    2014 Hunters Hill Quilt Show
Friday, August 8th to Sunday, August 10th: 10 am to 4 pm
Opening night: Thursday, August 7th at 7pm

This was my first sewing day for 2014: the start of a new creative year soaking up the enthusiasm and inspiration from this excellent group.

Some housekeeping first: 
  • The survey is open for another week:  your thoughts and views are important so let the committee have them
  • Keep working (or in my case 'start') your Card Challenge - finish date is May 8th.
  • AGM is on 13/2/2014:  nominations need to go to June asap.
  • Michele Jenkins from Lucky Lantern is visiting us on 6/2/2014 
  • The kitchen has new keys - if you need one,  chat to Joy.

Now the fun parts:  Show and Tell

Two more cots quilts have been given to Robyn,  one from Jill and one from Suzie.   Robyn delivered 18 quilts to The Grace Center just before Christmas and they were delighted to receive them as their supplies were getting low.   So the need continues ...

Cots quilts from Jill and Suzie

Jessica has finished this quilt to go to an exhibition in France - there is so much detailed embroidery stitching around the figure

Heather showed us this cot quilt, made for a friend: excellent machine quilting very visible from the back 

Betty was frantically finishing the binding on this quilt for her daughter in Alaska:  we enjoyed her 'helpful husband' story.

Kathy showed us her latest design in a cot quilt:  I understand that a  pattern will soon be available .

and I was finishing the binding on this quilt which I have called 'Regal Red':  it was a 'just for fun' quilt to use the red fabric I had in my stash.  Why have I still some left !

Lots of inspiration on show  ...   enjoy your week.   Cheers Iris

Tuesday 7 January 2014

Downton Abbey

Andover fabrics have just released a collection based on the designs for costumes from Downton Abbey.
Look for their Downton Abbey board on Pinterest

Sunday 15 December 2013

Christmas Celebrations

The table with champagne, a table loaded with food, christmas bush and agapanthus all said 'Let's celebrate Christmas and good friendship '.

No sewing but lots of eating, chatting and drinking as we circled the room looking at the 2013 Round Robin quilts trying to make a decision on which was our favourite.

Grace organised the display of 17 completed 2013 Round Robin quilts, complete with their 'file' of 'who did what'. Each quilter spoke about their own quilt and the common theme was that they were delighted with the results.     The voting was very close for two quilts with only 1 vote between them.

Viewers Choice,  1st Prize, went to Ros's quilt:  June, Lindy and Beryl J worked on the 3 rounds.   All four received a quilting book  prize.

Ros's Round Robin

Viewer's Choice, 2nd Prize, went to Susan D:  Ellen, Grace and Lindy all worked on Susan's quilt. Their prize was a 'round of applause'.

Susan's quilt

Congratulations to everyone who participated,  good fun and great results and thanks to Grace and Jenny for making it happen.

2013 Christmas Challenge:

Message from Jenny - work on your playing card !  1st 'in-house' preview of these will be in May - so just 5 months to go.

'Paper' challenge from the 2013 Committee - please complete the HHQ survey:  if you don't have a copy, send me an email or give me a call.

Community donations

Grace will be delivering the presents, quilts and huge hamper to Stepping Stone house over the next week. The generosity of HHQ members is amazing.

Robyn S. will be delivering this  'stash' of cot quilts to the Grace Centre for Newborns.

Cot quilts for Grace Centre

Nothing else to say,  except have a happy and healthy festive season - find time to get in some sewing and back to Fairland Hall on Thursday 16th January 2014.

Happy Christmas and a great New Year,   Iris

Saturday 7 December 2013

Last Quilting Day for 2013: 5/12/2013

A day of activity, with lots of evidence of the skills and generosity of HHQ members.

Community activity:
Frederick, from the City of Sydney New Years Eve Organisation came to collect the Star quilt for the News Years Eve picnic. As well as receiving his own special quilting lesson from Susan H., Frederick shared with us some of the activities that happen to make the New Year's Eve picnic a special time for the kids.

Just two of the many pictures that I have,  Betty and her team have done a fabulous job of putting together our many stars.

and one for fun:  the last minute 'forgotten' label !

Then Grace and her team of shoppers organised the wrapping of the Christmas presents for Stepping Stone House. For another year, the generosity of HHQ members was  magnificent,  and together with the shopping skills of Grace, Ros, Kerry and Helena,  the kids should have a great Christmas celebration. A selection of 7 quilts will also be delivered for new kids in 2014.  The hamper of Christmas food goodies will be filled next week.

  The selection of quilts going to Stepping Stone House

Quilts and presents 

Betty delivered the Duck quilt  to the Motor Neuron Association for their early 2014 fund raising event on Thursday afternoon

The 'Duck' Quilt made by the Orange Group (appropriate don't you think ?)


Show and tell 
From Jill for a friend's granddaughter's birthday: she likes blue and the 'brick' design is for her dad who was a bricklayer.   

Judy has almost finished this  'modern' design for a new baby - problem, though, the new baby became two babies !     Judy had to leave early - so I got a preview before show and tell.

And that is all for this week,  but remember next week is Party Week.  See you then.
Cheers Iris

Friday 29 November 2013

Thursday 28/11/2013

This was a good shopping day:  thank you Colleen.

The end our HHQ year is only two weeks away, so next week we wrap the presents for Stepping Stone House and hand over the finished Lord Mayor's Picnic quilt.  And our last week on 12/12 is Party Day: Round Robin Quilt display, lunch, and champagne.

A date to remember:  Michelle Jenkins of Lucky Lantern, on-line fabric and products shop is coming to visit and show us her 'wares' on February 6th.

Community contributions:

It never ceases to amaze me how generous (and productive) our members are.   A request for a few more cot quilts to build our stash to give to the Grace Centre for very sick newborns - and each week more arrive!

Two from June and one from Jenny

Marie K put this one together and Susan St,J quilted it, ready to be given to 
Stepping Stone House next week

Show and Tell:   Grace has been inspired for Christmas .....

A duo of Christmas Trees 

Keep stitching,      Cheers Iris

Saturday 23 November 2013

Thursday 21/11/2013

Christmas plans seem to be the order of the day, so these are some shopping opportunities which are coming our way in the next few weeks:

Christmas cakes - Robin H. is coordinating the orders for cakes being sold to support the Wayside Chapel and Exodus Foundation.   These are highly recommended based on last year's purchases and tastings.
Jewelry with Colleen - Colleen is visiting us with her selection of jewelry at Fairlane Hall  next Thursday - 28/11
Artourstudio are having their 1 day Christmas Gift Sale at 1/1 The Close, Hunters Hill on Friday 29/11. Kerry and Robyn would love you to visit.
Material Obsession, annual swap day on Saturday 7/12:  always lots of opportunities for bargains and inspiration.

Congratulations to Jessica - she has a quilt in the Tasmanian Art Quilt Exhibition touring for the next 12 months.    Sorry,  I don't have a picture,  but this is the link to the Exhibition

Show and Tell:

Five more cot quilts to add to our  Christmas delivery to Grace Center.  
Two from Susan H,  and one each from Jill, Gill and Janet.   All had fabulous baby fabrics,  with a focus on elephants!

Grace's team,  The Orange Group'  handed over their completed 'Ducks' to Betty for the Community quilt stash - I wonder who will be the lucky recipient of these fun ducks ?

Jessica showed us the quilt that she is entering in  the New York Modern Quilters, Double Wedding Ring Challenge.   

And Christmas is coming in Susi M's house -  some of her Christmas sewing !

That's all from me this week  ...  keep sewing,  Cheers Iris

Saturday 16 November 2013

News from Thursday 14/11/2013

We may all be addicted to fabric,  but when a box of avocados and bananas direct from the farm is left on the table, they disappeared even  faster than a box of fabric !  Thank you to Lindy for sharing.

Special events coming soon:

  • ARTOURSTUDIO, one day Christmas Gift Shop on Friday 29th November.  Kerry Davis and Robyn Ross will present their selection of handmade jewelry at : 1/1 The Close,  Hunters Hill.
  • Material Obsession annual Swap Day on Saturday 7/12/2013, with great sales and  workshops for 2014:  in fact, I'm told, bigger and better that ever before.  See what Kathy says about it on MO's blog
Our Stepping Stone House Christmas gifts donation:  Grace is ready to accept your donations, with plans for shopping later in the month and gift wrapping on the first Thursday of December.  

Jill gave us an update on the work and the successes of the Familial Cancer Research that she has been involved in for several years.  As we donated the proceeds of our 2004 Quilt Show to the Familial Cancer Research, it was a positive re-enforcement of the good work they are doing.

Susan H shared a National Trust article about a tour of Alysoun and Carl's home in Hunters Hill:  it included stories of Alysoun's many quilts, her sewing room and the origins of HHQ on their back veranda.   A lovely story of a super lady and a lovely home..

We also had our first travel story:  Robyn Jo shared the highlights of their caravan trip across the Nullabar to Perth:  playing golf, counting emus and enjoying the wildflowers.   

Show and Tell:    Janet did it again - two more quilts !

Her group quilt for community:  it is a very clever pattern - check out the secondary pattern of little white butterflies.

and a close up of the blocks  ...

Then the Scottie dog quilt  ...   very cute,  with 'bones' quilted in the tartan blocks.

Debbie Ing.  was asked if she would donate a quilt to their local fire brigade - with a week's notice - this was a UFO that got finished very quickly.     

A close up of some of the beautiful Japanese fabrics.

It was another busy day with lots of good things happening :  enjoy your sewing week,
Cheers Iris