Sunday 14 December 2014

Christmas Party

Hi all!
We enjoyed a fun Christmas party last Thursday. According to my lucky door prize ticket stubs, there were 46 of us there. So that meant plenty of food to provide an absolute feast as always, with lots of refreshing drinks to wash it all down. 
Many thanks to everyone who helped with preparation, brought food, did all the little extras that always need doing and then joined in the fun. It really made for a successful day.

While it's fresh in your minds, note down any thoughts you had about other possible games, puzzles and/or activities for next year's party. I'll keep them in my file till then. Saves a lot of brainstorming closer to the time and adds to the variety.

Judith B announced that she's 'giving up sewing' (I'll believe that when I see it!) and would like help with clearing and culling her materials and equipment. A few of us will visit her next week to lend a hand. We will then store everything till HHQ resumes Thursday meetings on the 15th of January.

Cheryl returned after a long time away having a grease and oil change! Looking good Cheryl! Thanks Helena for re-parking Cheryl's car for her. That made the visit possible.

Not a lot more to say except to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season. The pictures below reveal some of the highlights of the party, including groups of avid puzzle page solvers (thanks Lynn for this great game, many requests for copies). Also some shots of the Apron Challenge results. Thanks girls for making the effort. They look great! The rest are random shots of happy party goers and food, food and more food!
Cheers everyone. Thanks for a great year!

Here's two shots showing Iris's examples of the Christmas Challenge blocks. An email has gone out with full instructions attached, but these are the physical examples re colour. Any start design and any flower design is fine. Have fun!

Sunday 7 December 2014

December 5th

Greetings all!
Our day started with Grace running us through all the goodies which were shopped ready for Stepping Stone House Christmas Party. Thanks to all members who contributed to the $ collection for the shopping to be done. Thanks also to Grace and the shoppers, and those who wrapped everything. Items for the hamper can still be brought to our own Christmas Party which is next Thursday, 11th December. BUT THAT WASN'T ALL...........! Next came four wonderful quilts to be donated to Stepping Stone House residents, and another four waggas into the bargain! It's a great feeling knowing what an extensive and quality gift package we will be presenting to this worthy group. 
Thank you to everyone who worked on the quilts in any way. They are displayed below for your enjoyment. Something to be proud of indeed!

Lastly a shot of the 'pile' of goodies all packed together and ready to deliver. Happy Christmas to Stepping Stone House.

We're all looking forward to the Christmas Party next week. Don't forget your glass, and remember the starting time is 11am but the door will be open at 10am for setting up. If each member brings a plate of some party offering, we should have the usual feast! Party 'games' and activities are well in hand, but remember no one is obliged to participate unless they wish to. We want everyone to enjoy themselves in whichever way they like. Dress up or down, whatever you like. I'm sure we'll have a ball!

Show and Tell turned into a mega- marathon this week, probably because it will be the last for the year. It was amazing! I'll try and get all the matching people to their quilts below, but it was flat out difficult keeping track as the quilts just kept coming and coming. Anyway, enjoy.........

First the 2 baby quilts for the Grace Centre by Jenny.....

And three more by Sue D.........(note the cute back of the doggy one!)

Next came Helena with three quilts, the first done by the 'Orange Group' for community use...

The next by Helena herself for her parents bed, ready for Christmas.....

And finally a quilt Helena won in a raffle. She was very surprised at the resulting quilt! She didn't think it looked like HH Quilters style, but we all admired it anyway. Lucky girl!

Margaret D showed a stunning quilt she made from Turkish and Thai fabrics. What a combination! A luck friend will receive it.

Margaret also showed us one she did which she described as very brown! It's fascinating......

Kerry displayed her Dad's birthday quilt which is very nearly finished. It will certainly be cosy, and is looking great Kerry! All that hand quilting!

Cate was visiting from Queensland and showed two quilts, both using the quilt-as-you-go technique. The first has amazing striped squares of tiny strips. Beautiful work Cate!

The second has been made for some friends' wedding. They specifically asked for blues and brown. I think they got what they asked for. Gorgeous!

And the back

Molina showed a lovely jungle quilt for her Great Garndson. Gorgeous!

Jill made this little wall hanging for some friends who have just moved to aged care. She wanted them to have a small 'something' homey and Christmasy to take with them. A lovely thought, and a lovely piece of work!

Iris showed a quilt she made from the embroidered hems of her nephew's childhood curtains. His mum didn't know what to do with them and asked Iris. The rest is history, and so will this quilt be. All the tiny embroideries have been encorporated into the quilt with the names of his own children now. Room has been left for any subsequent children, and the message on the quilt is "When daddy was a little boy". It's a delightful quilt and story Iris. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. It exactly represents the history of quilting and the passing down of stories, however small. I hope my feeble attempts to capture the embroidery have been successful. Everyone there enjoyed examining it close up!

And on that note I'll sign off. For those who can't get to the party next week, have a happy Christmas with family and friends. May you all keep safe and well. It's been a wonderful year.
Cheers, Elva